Applied Posture Riding Riding Wear

Riding Wear

Applied Posture Riding is a new Riding wear brand and is exclusive to APR. These products have been designed or selected by Annette Willson. These new products are designed to be comfortable, look good, feel good and assist you in supporting your core while riding and working around the stables. The women with a bigger tummy can now be wear riding clothes and still look good while wearing jodhpurs and riding.


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Compression Vest for Horse Riders

This compression vest hugs your body and provides total support for your upper body from your pelvis to your shoulders. 
Fits men and women.
 + Postage.

$38.50 Ex Tax: $35.00

2 Pairs Sun Smart UV Protection Sleeves

2 Pairs UV Sun Smart Arm Sleeves
UV Protection over 98%.
+ Postage 

$22.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

Applied Posture Riding Core Support Suede Seat Jodhpurs

 Lightweight microfiber fabric, 280g full stretch suede seat. 



$179.30 Ex Tax: $163.00

Applied Posture Riding Core Support Silicone Seat Jodhpurs

Knitting fabric, 420g full stretch silicone print seat. 

Black only with grey silicone print seat.

+ Postage


$179.30 Ex Tax: $163.00

Compression Socks

These socks provide even pressure from your toes to just above the ankle to support the arch structures and control swelling in the foot and ankle.

+ Postage


$13.20 Ex Tax: $12.00

- +
APR Yoga Riding Top

Lightweight Long Sleeve Full Stretch Riding Top

Spandex Polyester


$42.90 Ex Tax: $39.00