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Apr picture logo 2 websizeApplied Posture Riding offers numerous products to change your riding.

Every one of these products is designed to improve your posture, your skills, and your enjoyment. Many of these are unique to Applied Posture Riding and not available anywhere else in the world.

The absolute key to your riding is the Applied Posture Riding Training Program and this is 100% unique to this site. This program is a must for horse riders wanting to change their riding skills.

Please browse through the products I have to offer and contact me for further information. I love this topic and I love seeing riders be the best they can be.Click on the red links for full details of each product.

1.The "Applied Posture Riding  The Fundamentals of Riding" Program is the main product offered to you and this will change the way your ride forever.
2. The Posture Shoulder Brace, to support poor shoulder posture.
3. The Lumbar Back Brace to support your back and protect your spine. 
4. My Applied Posture Riding Video Assessment, this is a service to assess your Riding Posture and Skills.
5. Applied Posture Riding Air Step Saddle Pad, the most comfortable saddle pad for your horse.
6. Sun Smart UV Protection Arm Sleeves, provides sun protection while riding outdoors.
7. Applied Posture riding "Core Sensory Belt"
8. Membership access
New Products coming in 2017 include:
  • The Applied Posture Riding Core Support Jodhpurs
  • The Applied Posture Riding Core Support Legging Jodhpurs
  • Sun smart products for Horse Riders
I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.
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