Core Stability and How to Train The Transverse Abdominal Muscle

Did You Know This Muscle is The Single Most Important Muscle to Have Strong For Skillful Riding?

 Core stability provides several benefits to the musculature system. A strong core will maintain lower back health and assist in preventing injury in numerous parts of the body. The training of the core is a mandatory part of treatment by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and musculoskeletal trainers. Core stability is the ability of the lumbar spine to remain stable while the body or limbs perform a function, eg throw a ball, hang out the washing. The health of the joints and bones will have a huge influence on the function of the Core. Pain will inhibit contraction of the Core and it will switch off when the body suffers pain.  Core stability is predominantly maintained by the dynamic function of the Transverse Abdominal Muscle.

Core hold

There is a clear relationship between trunk muscle activity and the stability and quality of movements.   Current medical evidence suggests that decreased core stability may predispose to injury and that appropriate training may reduce injury.

The photos demonstrate the Core relaxed (top photo) and the Core engaged (bottom photo).

The horse rider is at risk of injury from many areas of riding. Riding itself creates a compounding impact through the seat and lower back. This will cause micro damage and pain. The pain switches the Core off and the rider is open to further injury and of course, riding skills are lost. By training the core a horse rider can prevent this. For Information on The Applied Posture Riding Program go to the Home Page. The care of a horse loads the body, in particular, the lower back. This happens in many ways and often.

The joints become worn and pain creeps in and again the core is switched off. Preventing pain and maintaining the strongest core possible for riding is essential. Applied Posture Riding Program is a

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Good luck and enjoy your riding.

Annette Willson.Remember to look at yourself before you blame the horse. 

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Core Stability and How to Train The Transverse Abdominal Muscle can be learned in the Applied Posture Riding Program.