The Applied Posture Riding Program

What Is The "Applied Posture Riding" Program? 

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You cannot fix your posture problems in the saddle. You need to, first, test for strength, length, and flexibility, you then need to train to reset your posture for riding and then start the process of transferring your new riding skills to the saddle. Rider Biomechanics is more than core training or Pilates. My Applied Posture Riding program is a complete education and training program for horse riders, this is not a follow the leader exercise routine. 

It has been proven that unmounted, correct rider specific Movement Patterns will train you to be a better rider.  Once your posture has been reset you can apply this in the saddle.

A balanced riding posture that has symmetry, core strength and independent isolation skills, is the goal every rider is targeting. Better skills allow you and your horse to your enjoy riding. The fighting will stop and the fun will begin.

You need a starting point, this requires self-testing and understanding your own posture problems. Once you have your problems sorted you can start your training program By training your core and fixing your muscle imbalances out of the saddle you will correct your own little habitual muscle problems.

Every Rider has Muscle Imbalances. What are yours?

Once you address them:

  • you will stop confusing your horse and block him with your asymmetry's Slumped and Upright Standing Posture
  • you will be able to sit upright and engage your seat effectively
  • you will be able to apply your lower leg with consistent correct aids
  • you will stop using the reins for balance and allow your horse to move forward
  • jumping will become fun and safe as you stay with your horse over fences 

The Applied Posture Riding Program will show how to you identify your own muscle imbalances, your own weak areas, your own areas of stiffness and your own habits. Yes, we all have habits to be reset. Injury has a huge effect on your riding as does having a baby or just having a break from riding to live your life.

Any asymmetry in your Posture will affect your riding. A dropped shoulder, twisted hips, a dominant hand, all affect your riding.

asymmetry spine websizeThe Core is the Basic Training For All Riders.

Dressage is the Basic Training For All Horses.

  • Do you know if you have a weak core?  Yes! Do you know how to test it? No !
  • Do you suffer from lower back pain and been told to quit riding? Yes !
  • Do you know how to train yourself for riding? No !

Correct Testing of all your muscles and then applying the correct movement patterns is what you need. Many riders are doing floor exercises and attending classes and still not changing their riding! Why ? 

  • Exercises are not enough!
  • You need to have a starting point
  • You need to know your own  muscle imbalances
  • You need to know your own areas of weakness and stiffness
  • You need to know just how dominant or one sided you are with your posturebefore and after APR
  • You will have habits and resting postures that affect your riding.

Do you know what they are?

All of these problems need to be identified, self-tested and then fixed. Pilates is not enough, horse riders need to follow specific movements designed for horse riders.

So Who am I?

Abdominal TestingMy name is Annette Willson. I am a Physiotherapist. I am a retired elite rider and Rider Biomechanics and Posture Training is my specialty. My program Applied Posture Riding is a complete program to train the rider for riding and for a better way of riding. I teach my program in clinics and via video.

Applied Posture Riding is all about YOU the Rider.

This is not a program for your horse it is all about the rider.

Unmounted correct rider specific Movement Patterns will train you to use the riding muscles as an elite rider does.

My Applied Posture Riding Program is presented as a video series nearly 4 hours of filming, delivered in short chapters. You will also receive the Applied Posture Riding  E-Book (67000words), to guide you through the program. (You can buy the E-Book alone).

Core hold You will learn:

  • all about the riding muscles function and anatomy
  • how to self-test your own muscles
  • how to do a core crunch
  • how to engage your core on demand
  • how to strengthen your core
  • how to use your core in daily life
  • how to train core for riding
  • how to train all your riding muscles
  • specific rider movement patterns
  • independent isolation for your seat, lower legs, and hands
  • floor, ball, and standing rider specific exercises
  • finally. you will learn how to apply your new posture when riding

If you need more information I am happy to talk to you. Contact me, I love this topic and the changes it has on people's riding.

So How Can You Buy My Applied Posture Riding Program?

1. USB Stick (Videos and Manual).

Hit the Buy button and you will receive the 4 hours of videos and the E-Book (manual) on a USB stick mailed to your address. This is the best way to buy the program. No videos to download and take up heaps of bandwidth on your internet plan. No slow streaming from online video sources. Purchase price, is AU$250.00.(+GST for Australian Residents only, free postage).

2. The Applied Posture Riding E-Book  (Manual) Only.

If you are more of a book learner then you have the option to buy the "Applied Posture Riding" E-Book (manual) without the videos. The E-Book is a stand alone product. You will be emailed the link after purchase for immediate download of the E-Book as a PDF document.  The purchase price is AU$87.(+ GST for Australian residents only).

3. Online Course

If you prefer to buy the program as an online course (much cheaper) and have it available on all your devices, then this link will take you to Vimeo. Vimeo is an online video host. The program is exactly the same as on USB stick. You will pay through Vimeo's secure site. Please email me once payment is complete to receive the Manual. Purchase price is AU $199.38 (Online and GST free for all purchases).

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( For those of you who want more information please contact me