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  • How To Ride a Horse..Well

    How to ride a horse is a very hard topic to discuss.

    200,000 people type this keyword into Google every month, it is one of the most used long tail keywords searched by google.

    This certainly says something about the popularity of the sport, horse riding. It also suggests that people are looking for an online instructional video to teach them about horse riding, rather than one on one coaches. “How to ride a horse?” is a very broad question. Many horse riders ask "how to sit still at the trot” or “how to stay upright at the canter ” These are specific questions from horse riders who are having riding problems. 

    Erin and Leanne Home feb 2012 085 Beginners are taught to sit up straight, keep their back straight and legs still, and never balance on the reins. Well, this is certainly the outcome horse riders want to achieve but it is impossible to achieve this without breaking it up and looking at what is required for each of these body parts to be independent.

    To be able to sit up straight on a horse for a number of minutes let alone an hour requires strength and endurance from all the stomach and back muscles. The core needs to be strong and engaged all the time. The lower back muscles need to be strong and coordinated with the abdominal muscles.

    The lower back joints need to be flexible but also very stable. These are the individual components of horse riding that are neglected and therefore not achieved. The end result is reflected in the horse riding posture. Weakness, poor balance, and instability all affect the horse riders' skills. 

    These core exercises teach riders how to find, test, and use their core muscles for horse riding. The stretches are specific to the movement required for riding. If you are having trouble riding, lack strength has had an injury, or are just starting out with riding then learning from an expert is the go. Have a look at the program and join my Applied Posture Riding Membership Program.

    I love teaching horse riders how to ride.

    Good luck and enjoy your riding Annette Willson.

    Look at yourself before you blame the horse.  

    How To Ride a Horse, an interesting topic.

  • Training The Horse Rider's Position

    Do You Sit Up Tall and Correct in the Saddle?                                              

    Are your Aids True and Effective Every Time?

    Does your horse know what you are asking of him?

     Training the horse rider position is complicated. There is more to riding than many understand. before and after APRThe horse riding posture needs to be trained out of the saddle and then practiced in the saddle. There is no point just training the end result, which is, the stable upright position. The end result is a posture that has a very good core and independent seat and lower leg movements. This is what we all want as horse riders. To achieve the end result the rider needs to practice the individual moving parts.

    A rider needs to practice specific horse rider exercises and then put them all together. A rider needs to discover what they lack as a rider as well. It is important to self-test and then self “fix’ your problems.

    The stable upright posture is the posture that all dressage riders want to achieve. It is the posture leisure and trails riders want to achieve. It is also wanted by riders who just want to have fun riding and be pain-free on their back. To achieve this rider needs to be fit and flexible and certainly have a very strong core muscle. A rider with a strong core will ride with skill and stability. Confidence and strength are also achieved. 

    The Horse-Riding Posture Must Be Trained Out Of The Saddle. This posture does not come from just riding alone, though. Riders must get out of the saddle and onto the floor to stretch and strengthen their horse riding muscle specifically for riding.

    DSC 0306

    Equestrian Pilates is a must for every horse rider. How to ride a horse is all about learning about the muscles and movement patterns used for riding.  Core exercises prepare the rider for riding.  Stretches will increase the movement in the lower back and the pelvis so the rider can move in tune with the horse.

    My core exercises will strengthen the core and give the rider stability through the seat and lower leg. The ball and tubing exercises train all the posture muscles so a rider can achieve that upright straight but flexible riding posture. To gain the best knowledge in training the horse rider position have a look at one of the best available. This program is based around the concept of Equestrian Pilates.

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    Good luck and enjoy your riding. Remember to look at yourself before you blame the horse.