Physiotherapy Rider Clinic

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 This is an unmounted Physiotherapy Rider Assessment Clinic.

The next date for 2017 for this clinic has been set for Monday, May 8th, 2017 at The Birdwood Institue Birdwood SA.

Contact me now to book in, numbers are limited. I spend and hour with you one on one. You can claim this through your health fund.

Contact Annette Willson  Now is a good a time as ever.


I can offer you one of two assessments.

1. I can do a full injury assessment and treatment as a specialist in injuries to Horse Riders. Fee $120 (rebates apply)

2. You can have a full Horse-Riding Posture assessment and also receive my "Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals Of Riding Manual"

Fee $200

Future Dates are for 2017 to be held at The Birdwood Institue.

Ongoing treatment and follow-up appointments are available on the following dates.

Monday 15th May

Monday 29 May

Monday 5th June

This is a  clinic designed for each rider to receive a full Horse Rider's Posture Assessment and Training Program or  a Full injury assessment and treatment.

I will individually assess each rider and design a treatment and training program as required.

I will also prescribe exercises for specific problems and or special support braces such as a back brace or the Core Activating Belt as required.Many riders just need the correct starting point for their training and support from a like-minded professional.

In my teaching and work as a Physiotherapist, I find many riders are not receiving the best advice for their injuries and their training in relation to their horse riding. 

Many riders are also advised to just give up.

I have been told to "give up riding ' at least six times now.

I am asked all the time can I do an assessment when I am out coaching so this a clinic designed with just that in mind.

If you would like to host a Physiotherapy Clinic, contact me to arrange a date.

I require a small room to set up my portable table and a table and chair.

Each session will be one hour per person. I will charge an Initial Physiotherapy Consult fee $200. This is eligible for a rebate through all health funds.Each rider will also receive the APR Manual.

I carry my own Indemnity Insurance.

I require a minimum number of 6. 
 I am happy to travel and will negotiate travel fees depending on numbers.

This is a unique chance to be assessed by a specialist in the Horse-Riding Posture, an experienced well-educated Physiotherapist, and a retired elite rider.I have also recovered from my fair share of injuries.

My specialty these days also includes Rider Biomechanics.

Contact me for more information or to book a date.Cost is $200 per person and includes my APR E-Book Manual valued at $87.

If you only require a treatment and an injury assessment I will alter the fee to $120.