2 Day APR Clinic

Two Day Full Applied Posture Riding Program Clinic

Riders will attend for the whole two days as a group. The program is presented as a small group lecture and interactive style.

Day 1 Unmounted - Day 2 Mounted

I start with a quick lecture about Rider Biomechanics, and what is involved in training the posture for riding.

  • You will learn about the Anatomy Of The Riding Posture
  • You will learn about The Riding Muscles and Their Function in Riding
  • I will discuss The Transverse Abdominal (TVA) muscle in detail and its relevance to riding.

 The Core Muscle

  • I will teach you The Core Crunch. This is the starting point for all of your training.
  • The Core Crunch is the first Movement Pattern you will learn, there are 18 more specific to riding.
  • Muscle Testing is important and once you have the Core Crunch you will then test all of the major riding muscles.
  • You will also perform a simple test for your balance.
  • You will learn the difference between an exercise and a Movement Pattern and how to apply them to your riding.
  • I will talk about the injury, work, habits and resting postures and riding.I include a session on 
  • I include a session on injury, age-related changes, pain management the use of braces etc.(we all have something to manage).
  • I will talk about My Jargon. My program has been designed by me, therefore learning my language is relevant.
  • What is a Core Crunch and Coordinated Breathing?
  • What is a Movement Pattern?
  • What Is Independent Isolation?
  • What is a Resting Posture and What Does Self Carriage Mean?
  • What is the Difference between a Training Aid and an Invisible Aid and the Sloth Aid
  • I will demonstrate exercises for different body parts to train strength.
  • I will also give Advanced Strengthening Exercises for the future.
  • We can explore OOV and The Body Blade for daily routines.
  • Managing injury and individual problems will be included during the session.
  • At the end of Day 1, you will have a completely new and specific way of training yourself for riding.

This workshop is about finding out about your problems and you as the rider, not your horse.

At the end of this clinic, you will know everything about you and what you need to do to ride with skill and fun.

Ongoing support via email or by phone is also offered

As a Physiotherapist, I am qualified in all Rider Biomechanics, Injury, and Rehab.

  • I am able to offer riders professional information and detailed individual assessments not offered by a riding instructor or personal trainer.
  • I am able to diagnose, treat and prescribe a treatment program for each rider attending.
  • I am able to give medical advice where needed and offer ongoing support.
  • I am able to prescribe, fit and supply the correct horse rider brace and exercises where needed.
  • As an Elite Rider, I have skills, experience, and knowledge of How To Ride!
  • I am able to assess what you think of your riding, what your instructor says and what I find and fix it.
  • I am able to prescribe specific horse rider exercises for you.

For Day 1, the following is required

  • Your own physio gym ball, correct size, please!
  •  A length of theraband,
  • Wear sporty clothes, not skirts or jeans.
  • Sandshoes or bare feet will be fine.

Day 2

Each rider will have a rider lesson in a group or individually.

This lesson is about the rider, not the horse, so we will not be doing dressage.

You will be taught how to apply the Movement Patterns and Core Crunch in the saddle.

Erin and Leanne Home feb 2012 085

We will work through each of the paces and I will teach you how to use the Training Aids to teach yourself to ride with skill and confidence.

Day 2 will give you routines to practice when you get home. 

  • I don't expect anyone to just "get it" on the day.
  • I  absolutely guarantee this is a clinic like no other.

Included in the cost of the clinic is the "Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals of Riding" manual.( value $103)

The Two-day workshop is $350 per rider. (travel to be negotiated)

The two days can be offered over different weekends. (travel needs to be considered though)

Maximum of 12 riders

If you want to host a One or Two Day Clinic Contact Meto arrange dates.

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