Brilliant Conquest

For Sale Brilliant Conquest 10yo 16.2hh $4999 

EA registered and micro chipped.Snapshot 3 30 09 2018 8 01 AM

Contact Annette Willson 0447337276 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Offered for sale to an experienced home only.

10yo Warmblood

By ABS Conquistador

From A Brilliant Invader Mare

This horse has excellent jumping bloodlines, bred for jumping but also has the movement to excel in dressage.

He is suitable for a rider with experience knowledge and skill in training difficult horses.


Snapshot 1 30 09 2018 7 41 AM

He is ideal for a rider wanting to enter the warmblood market at the cheaper end and retrain a talented horse that has been with the wrong rider.

He has proved he is a nice willing gentle horse ready to move forward and become great again. He could return to the jumping arena or move into dressage for a new career. He is will excel in any discipline.

This horse is very forward with big paces and requires a very balance knowledgeable rider.

I have had him for 2 months and returned to basic training.

He had learned to balance on the bit and lean heavy through the reins to gain control rendering him unjumpable. He is almost over this behavior now but still requires more basic work.

In 2 months he has proved he has a very trainable personality and a lot of talent.

He is quiet and sensible to work with. He is easy to have in the paddock, a good feeder and well mannered. Accepts being stabled as well as worked from the paddock. 

With the retraining, he now accepts my leg and moves away to pressure and is responding to a gentle rein as well.20180929 092839 web

His balance is returning, his muscles are building and he is enjoying being ridden.

He needs to go to a rider with training knowledge and skill, he is not for a novice or a beginner rider.


The video below is him jumping as a 6yo with a previous owner.



I have spent 2 months retraining this horse and loved every minute of it. Here is a video for the progress to date. With this success, he will return to competition as a dressage horse or reenter the jumping arena within another 3-4 months.