Applied Posture Riding prescribes braces for pain control, for posture support and for muscle support and stimulation. Back Pain is common in horse riders and wearing the correct brace is important. Poor posture and weak muscles are easily trained when working with the correct brace.



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Posture Shoulder Brace For Horse Riders

Ideal training brace for correcting shoulder posture.
Wear while riding or while working.

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Applied Posture Riding Core Sensory Belt

Limited sizes left. 
Anybody can wear this belt to aid your core function.
Please note the tourmaline material does generate heat, wear it over clothes.
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Lumbar Back Brace for Horse Riders

Can be worn while riding and working.
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Applied Posture Riding Air Step Saddle Pad

High impact absorbing air cells for even distribution of rider pressure.

The Pad extends beyond each end of the saddle for even distribution.


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Mini Lumbar Back Support

Ideal lightweight back Support for riding and light work. Best suited to riders with mild back pain.
Warning do not wear directly against your skin.
 Wear over clothes.
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Self-Massage Neck Tool

This is a gadget to help massage your neck to prevent tension build up and headaches.

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High Strength Vitamin E Oil

Sundown Naturals Vitamin E Skin Oil 70000ius 75ml Extreme Hydrating Night Oil.

This is the highest strength Vitamin E oil you can buy.
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TENS Unit For Pain and Circulation

Out of Stock

Tens Unit with 5 stick on Electrodes, foot electrode, and connection lead.

Treat muscles and joint pain and increase circulation.

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3D Compression Knee Brace

3D Compression Knee Brace

 One Size Only XL
Fits Knee measurements Above Knee  45cm-50cm
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Knee Protection Brace

Knee Protection Brace (Not a Compression Brace)

Lightweight Support Knee Brace with Silicone for protection from rubbing. 

Neoprene with Silicone padding over the knee cap

One Size  XL Fit knee circumference 48-50cm upper thigh.

Ideal to wear over your Jodphurs to prevent blisters or rubbing, turn sideways to add an extra stick to your saddle. 

(Neoprene will generate heat)

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Support and Protection Knee Brace

 Support and Protection Knee Brace

Pull on Neoprene Brace for Patellar Support.

Wear over your Jodhpurs or under to support your patellar and prevent rubbing on your saddle.

One Size XL Red silicone fits thigh circumference 45-48cm.

(This brace will generate heat being neoprene).

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Flexion Control Wrist Brace

The brace is a one size fits all.

The removable metal bar follows the contour of the palm and wrist.

The bar can be bent more to fit your wrist comfort.

The thumb goes through the thumb hole and the brace then wraps around on itself.


$27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00