Your Hands And Feet Can Train Your Riding Skills

How can you use your hands to train your Riding Posture?DSC 0025 Copywebsize

You can use your hands and your feet as leading points for exercises and for movement patterns to train your riding posture and your rider skills. You may not be aware of it but your hands and your feet direct your whole body when you are moving.  The other significant skill you can use is your eye-hand coordination skill.
If you want to pick up the kettle your mind, eyes and hand have already decided how you are going to do it. If you are walking up steps your mind, eyes and feet have already decided how to do it. This is your body on autopilot. You can train your body to be auto rider skilled.
We have patterns of engagement and patterns of failure in our body. People who have brain damage set these patterns off and are unable to break the pattern. The person with a normal brain is able to use these patterns for training and is able to break these patterns of function.
So by applying this principle, a horse rider can train their body to become stable and solid in the saddle by using the hand as the leading point in a movement pattern. The rider can then use the hand for aids instead of using it for balance.20170613 161238 websize
The movement patterns I teach in my program are based on this principle. By controlling these patterns for use and to break the dysfunctional patterns a rider can train themselves to ride with stability and limb control. Here in the photo on the right, the rider is able to rise and keep her hands in the same position.
You can stop yourself from fiddling with the reins by breaking the flexor pattern. You can train your lower leg to be stable under your hips by engaging a foot pattern. You can bring in your core by engaging various patterns, not just the core itself.
Those of you who tip forward have a flexor pattern that can be broken and you can retrain an extensor pattern to teach you to "sit up" straight naturally.
Our daily lives, past injuries, our age all play a role in the patterns of movement we use all the time. The way you sit in a chair becomes your habit. The way you walk is repetitive and is your pattern. These patterns are strong and are established in your way of life.
In my physio practice, I use the hands and the feet as the leading points to engage the core naturally. I build these patterns and train people to control them and become the controller of their body rather than the follower. 
 This has changed peoples pain, their skills in life and in their individual sports. This is essential for horse riders.
This way of training is a new concept and is part of my Functional Core Stability Training.  
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 This rider is using her hands for balance and her hands have control of her posture.
If she was more balanced through her core and lower leg then she could free her hands up for use rather than balance. 
Functional Core Stability training using her hands as the leading point would strengthen her lower leg balance, her core and her skill to use her hands in independent isolation for aids.
If you want more information, contact me or have a look at my Applied Posture Riding Program.
This rider on the right has an extensor pattern happening through her feet and hands. She is pushing down through her toes which stimulatesDSC 0076websize her knee to straighten. Her hands have an extensor pattern as well, most riders have a dominant flexor pattern starting with their hands. A flexor pattern is where the wrist bends and the elbow and shoulder and neck follow. This is the pattern fiddlers use. 
If you have a pattern you want to train or change ask me.