Core Sensory Belt For Horse Riders


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Do you need help activating your core? 

Designed by Annette Willson.

This is a brand new product on the market.

This is a brand new unique to APR design.

It has been specifically designed for riders to wear while riding and around the stables to increase the sensory awareness of your core and stimulate it into action. It is perfectly paired with the "Core Support Jodphours".

The belt has two major segments. The rear segment is non-stretch and extends from the hip bone to the hip bone in your lower back. The front segment is made up of two elastic bands that cross over in opposite directions and extend from hip bone to hip bone across your mid and lower tummy in the front.


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The action of the crossover elastic is to follow the Transverse Abdominal Muscle fibers and stimulate and support the action of the core muscle fibers as they contract.

  • Ideal for riders who "forget" to use their core
  • For riders who have an uncoordinated core muscle.
  • Ideal for new moms who are still trying to "close the gap".
  • Ideal to wear riding to remind you to use your core.
  • Easy to put on and remove.
  • Comfortable and not constricting in any way
  • It can be worn over your activewear or your jodhpurs.
  • Will do no harm.
  • You will learn to use your core while wearing the belt
  • Wear at your hips level or at your waist level, both will be effective.
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Measure around your Hip bones across your belly button. See the video below on how to get the right size.

  • Small Fits 85 - 90 cm
  • Medium Fits 91 - 95 cm
  • Large Fits 96 - 100 cm
  • XLarge Fits 101 - 106cm
  • XXLarge Fits 106 - 111 cm

 The Design of the Core Sensory Belt

How To Measure for your Core Sensory Belt