Posture Shoulder Brace

Shoulder brace 3 views websizeDo You want to retrain your riding posture?

  • Look Good and Ride Well with little Posture Shoulder Brace
  • The upright riding posture needs some help at times.
  • This simple, to apply, a brace will put you in the correct riding posture and teach your muscles to keep it.
  • This brace is the most popular brace used by horse riders worldwide.
  • This brace promotes a healthy upper back posture.
  • When worn it will hold your shoulders back into a square shoulder posture and you will look great while you ride with the support.
  • The elastic chest band will support your shoulders and the arm loops keep your shoulder position in a correct posture.
  • shoulder brace websize 1If your shoulders are supported in a correct posture then your upper back muscles will also work to hold your spine in a better upright position.
  • If a rider works with the brace then the muscles needed to correct the posture can start to be trained. Eventually, the brace won't be needed.    
  • By placing the shoulders in the correct position the brain has to adapt to a new position and train it.
  • This posture shoulder brace will stretch the front chest muscles while it is strengthening and supporting the back muscles.
  • The balance between the front and back becomes equal so much quicker when this brace is worn.
  • The other benefits of wearing this brace include headache pain and muscle pain control.
  • The forward shoulder posture is a key factor in headaches originating from the neck.
  • The poking chin posture is solely due to round shoulders.
  • If the shoulders are supported and placed in a better alignment the chin will come down and the back of the neck will lengthen.
  • This will open up the upper neck joints and free the nerves that cause headaches.

If you choose to buy one of these braces it is certainly a good idea but if you are really passionate about your horse riding and becoming the best you can then wear the brace and train your muscles for riding by following my

 Applied Posture Riding Membership Program to fix your problem forever.


Posture Shoulder Brace Black 1 websize

Please don't just guess your size the sizing is smaller than clothes sizings. Measure under the breasts around your ribs ( the same line as a bra would fit). If you are on the border of two sizes, buy the bigger size. See the video below.




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  • S   Kids size only up to 60cm chest
  • M   65cm - 75cm  
  • L   75cm - 80cm 
  • XL   80cm - 85cm 
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