Applied Posture Riding 12 Month Membership Program

"Learn The Fundamentals of Riding With Your Core"

Join my 12 Month membership program (get 24months for a short time only)

and train yourself to train your horse

to be a better combination.

This is not a dressage or jumping or horsemanship course. This is all about the rider and how you train yourself to ride using your core for balance, strength stability, and symmetry. 

As a Physiotherapist, a retired elite rider, and knowledgeable on up-to-date sports physio research and equine biomechanics I am able to provide so much more than a rider exercise program.

  • Every rider uses the same muscles, the difference is how we use them. A young fit flexible rider will exercise differently from an older injured rider or a rider who is returning to riding after years away. 
  • Each rider will assess and determine their own fix and management routines.
  • Every horse rider will follow the same rider-specific movement patterns though.
  • Everyone will work through the chapters and videos from the Ebook "The Fundamentals of Riding".
  • Everyone will work through the Rider Lessons to apply the basic movement patterns.
  • Those with more experience will move onto their own training with better-established skills.
  • Riders with less experience will learn from the Lesson series with pupils.
  • I am sure many will relate to these sessions. Just because you learn something does not mean you 'get" it. The lesson series demonstrates this very well.

The struggle to get it right takes many sessions.

 So Here is What You Get:

  • My E-Book "Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals of Riding". 2D 2 websize
  • Access to all the learning videos that accompany the EBook.
  • All the Rider lesson videos with each chapter.
  • To view online content from other sites relevant to your training.
  • Access to numerous lessons with pupils all following the same training concepts.
  • To view the training techniques and principles I use.
  • Over 100 videos with training techniques, tips, advice, routines.

This is What you will learn:

  • All about your own body after going through self-testing.
  • HOW to engage your core muscles on demand.
  • How to use your core for daily work
  • Exercise routines to strengthen your core muscles.
  • About movement patterns to use your core muscles.
  • Rider-specific movement patterns unmounted and mounted.
  • How to apply these movement patterns in the saddle.
  • Ridden riding patterns to follow when practicing your new movements.
  • How to use your core in the saddle.
  • When to use your core in the saddle.
  • Why and how to practice symmetry in the saddle.
  • What and how to apply the basic aids for riding.
  • How to apply these to your training.
  • HOW to rise and sit the trot and the canter.
  • The two-point riding posture and when and how to use it for balance and training.
  • About training your horse to carry you as a better rider.
  • To understand you are not the only one who finds this difficult.
  • To be a better rider and trainer.
  • To have patience and be kinder and more understanding of this sport we all love so much.
  • The lessons series with pupils will be comforting and interesting as well as entertaining in some lessons. 
Who Is This For:
  • All riders who are having posture problems in the saddle.
  • Riders who have poor balance, poor stability.
  • Riders who tip forward or have a weak lower leg.
  • Riders who have been injured and returning to riding.
  • Mothers returning to riding post-baby.
  • Older riders requiring rider-specific training for balance and confidence.
  • Dressage hack riders wanting a better riding posture.
  • Riders wanting to become a better rider for pleasure/competition.
  • All riders training a young horse.
  • Jump riders who need a better safer riding posture.
  • Learner riders wanting to do it correctly from the start.

Abdominal Testing

 APR movement patterns

This is not a dressage or jumping training program for your horse or a horsemanship groundwork course. This is all about the rider and how you can train yourself to ride with balance, stability symmetry, and confidence. A better rider with good correct consistent skills becomes a better trainer. A win-win for horse and rider.

So if you have any questions send me an email Contact Annette Willson

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The next step is yours.

Be confident, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. The opportunity to train yourself in

 "The Fundamentals of Riding" and to train yourself to not only use your core muscles but actually train your whole body for the best riding skills and posture you are capable of.

Every rider uses the same muscles to look good feel good and ride well, now you can too.

Have a look at my Testimonial page and see what others are saying about my program.

So sign up now for just $550Aud (GST inc)(reduced to $400AUD until further notice) and start your new rider training program.

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