Rider Biomechanics Clinic Mounted

20170613 161238 websizeThis clinic is a One day mounted rider lesson only clinic.

All riders receive an Applied Posture Riding Rider Biomechanics lesson only.

This can be arranged in small groups or individual lessons.

This is an ideal day to introduce Rider Biomechanics to riders and suits riding clubs, small groups. I cover your riding posture in the saddle and start you on your core training.

It does not include any Physiotherapy advice.

Lessons run 45 mins plus 15 mins questions and review, so 1 hr each lesson.

The Rider Lesson will include assessing your riding posture and providing you with a starting point to retrain and correct your problems.

One lesson is not a fix it is a starting point.

Cost $100 per lesson. This can include a small group of 1-3 sharing the cost.

The venue needs an arena.

Participants require their own horse.

Commitment is for a one hour lesson although I do encourage riders to watch all the lessons.

Travel and expenses can be negotiated.

Contact me for further details,

Have a look at what other riders have to say about their lessons.

Erin reviewed Applied Posture Riding — 5 star

I was lucky enough to have a lesson with Annette apart of a clinic she held with my adult riding club, I was very impressed with how quickly and effortlessly adjusted my legs to be more effective and explained the how and why of why we do things, she also helped with one of my long-time posture problems that is leaning forward. I am looking forward to her coming to our area again.

Thanks �

Serena  reviewed Applied Posture Riding — 5 star
January 19  

I bought the Applied Posture Riding DVD and found it really practical and easy to follow. I've also bought one of the lumbar support belts and was lucky enough today to have a private lesson with Annette. She made some extremely useful observations about my posture and movement patterns that l simply would never have realized on my own. I'm really looking forward to putting into practice what l learned today.

Filiz reviewed Applied Posture Riding — 5 star 

I had the pleasure of seeing Annette at her clinic in Melbourne and was very impressed with her diagnosis within minutes of seeing me just standing and speaking with her. 
She observed and noticed a few things that needed attention and advised a suitable remedy to help me improve my posture and riding position. The information she provided was invaluable. Her wealth of knowledge is priceless and I will definitely be booking in to see her again with my horse in the future.