Applied Posture Riding

Applied Posture Riding (APR) trains riders in Rider Biomechanics. APR  helps injured riders and riders with poor balance a weak core or poor skills retrain their posture for better riding. Riding requires more than just an independent deep seat. Riding requires a strong functional core, independent isolation of each body part, symmetry of skills and of course, flexibility through the joints and muscles.These skills can be established through specific training  and are relevant to every rider. Applied Posture Riding is a complete program to train riders how to strengthen and use their core in the saddle and so much more.

Do you know how to engage your core on demand?

Training the core (Pilates) has become popular in the equestrian world. However, Pilates does not teach Rider Biomechanics or injury rehabilitation. Riding Instructors do not teach Core Function or train you how to correct your posture in the saddle. It is time for you to train you before you continue with your horse.  
 Applied Posture Riding  has programs, services, and products to train you to be the best rider you can be.
My "Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals of Riding "  Program has been sold the world over. It is now online (Digital Training) for easier access.I can also prescribe special posture braces for posture and injury related problems. I offer online video Rider Biomechanical Assessments and mounted and un-mounted Clinics. Individual Physiotherapy Rider Lessons can also be arranged. A Membership subscription (Coming soon).
Please explore my site, and read what I can do for you and your riding, feel free to ask any questions, I love this topic.