Applied Posture Riding

Applied Posture Riding (APR) has become a brand for riders. The specialized training program is unique and is differentiated from other programs by the process of Test, Train Transfer. Test your muscles, train your posture and transfer your new skills to the saddle and begin to ride with balance, symmetry, and confidence. Most programs try and solve your problems in the saddle. This program starts on the floor and trains you for the saddle.

 Riding requires more than just an independent deep seat. Riding requires a strong functional core, independent isolation of each body part, the symmetry of skills and of course, flexibility through the joints and muscles.These skills can be established through specific training and are relevant to every rider.

Do you know how to engage your core on demand?

Do you have poor balance?

Do you fiddle with the reins and ride on your toes?

These are the most common rider skill problems and require floor training. Pilates has become popular in the equestrian world. However, Pilates does not teach Rider Biomechanics or injury rehabilitation. Riding Instructors can teach you "what the correct riding posture is" but can not teach Core Function or train you how to correct your posture in the saddle. This information comes from other professionals, such as a Physiotherapist. I am a Physiotherapist, a rider, and my specialty is injury rehabilitation and Rider Biomechanics. 
My detailed rider specific training program is called, "Applied Posture Riding The Fundamentals Of Riding". This is available as a video series accompanied by a manual, both online and on USB. The Manual (E-Book) is available as a stand-alone program as well.
I also have numerous "Rider Helpers" such as braces and Core Support products.
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