Applied Posture Riding

Applied Posture Riding (APR) has become a way of riding for hundreds of riders. Applied Posture Riding trains Riders in Functional Core Stability.

Pilates has become popular in the equestrian world. However, Pilates does not transfer core strength into use in the saddle. Pilates teaches "Neutral Spine" only. Riders need to have the core strength in Non-Neutral Spine" as well.

Riding Instructors can teach you "what the correct riding posture is" but can not teach Core Function. Personal Trainers and exercise classes are not enough and in some cases, the routines riders are following can cause more harm than good. Pain is a signal, not a challenge! Back pain is a major feature for riders and the core is directly affected when a rider is in pain.

Core strength is mandatory, but if you cannot bring in more function:

  • What happens when you want more core recruitment at the sitting trot?
  • What happens to your seat when you want to apply more pressure through your lower leg?
  • What happens to your body at the end of the day?

I have been injured, I know what pain is.I have had three children I know what time poor and frustration are. I have competed at an elite level I know what success feels like. I know how it feels to Look Good Feel Good and Ride Well. I can teach you to do the same. I am a Physiotherapist and I was an elite rider.  I can teach you functional core stability using movement patterns to achieve symmetry and great riding skills. I will teach you how to ride and look after your body for a long happy riding career.

Along with my Rider Training program, I prescribe "Rider Helpers" such as braces and Core Support Products.

Please scroll down and read what I am offering or contact me. I love this topic.